555 34 St, Brandon, MB R7B 3P8, Canada | 1-204-571-9310

About Us

Welcome to The Chilli Chutney, the only restaurant of our kind in the city that serves authentic, delicious and healthy Indian delicacies. We grew with time and soon joined the list of good restaurant in Brandon. Everything that we prepare in the restaurant is homemade, bringing the secrets of the Indian cuisine to Brandon. There is a lot of food variety, from a number of vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Vegan dishes to delicious meat delicacies. There are also many regional options that are available to the customers as well so that they are able to experience the richness of South Asian and North Asian while being in Canada. The restaurant is adorned with traditional Indian décor, provides a serene and delightful atmosphere.

The food is made from the authentic Indian spices and Indian herbs imported from the region to give our customers a true taste of Indian food, and it is a scientifically proven fact that spices from that region are also good for health. Therefore, customers get the taste of delicious food, without having to worry about their health.

The restaurant has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere coupled with excellent customer service to make your eating experience at The Chilli Chutney even more enjoyable. To complete the dining experience, The Chilli Chutney an exceptional selection of fine wine, Indian Beers and traditional Indian drinks. The food at The Chilli Chutney is prepared by professional Chefs with specialties in South Asian and North Asian delicacies, so you know that the food you are enjoying is the true representation of India.